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Here you will find a Fast, Fun and Easy set of workshops or 60 second civics, voting, government and election videos that are designed to go at your own pace. We’ve also included some fun fact videos about people, places or hot topics right out of today’s headlines. Everyday it seem like these topics are presented in a negative or biased way which is not much fun and hard to figure out especially when terms like “Fake News” and “Apathy” are thrown at us.    Not here! This is a ‘No Negativity’ Zone.

You can follow along in order or most importantly click on the segments that interest you today. Go ahead, click around and get comfy in your country.

Above all, please share these videos with your family, friends and co-workers through Facebook, Twitter or your choice of social media and follow us for the latest updates or events in your area. Watch them as a group to start interesting conversations and Learn How To Have a Political Conversation or Stop One, Without Bloodshed.   Enjoy!

About These Civics Videos:

Furthermore, now you can learn civics, politics, elections, government, political parties and feel comfortable at Thanksgiving again. Our 60 Second Civics brought to you by – Lisa Fontana AKA Citizen Cupcake, you can learn at your own pace. If you haven’t visited one of our workshops, we now offer the ‘Me, The People’ at home Welcome Party Kit. Learn how to vote, what political terms mean and get involved in your community with friends right in your home. Whether a cupcake party with your neighbors or a wine evening with friends the Welcome Party Kit and the videos on this page are all you need.

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