WGN News Chicago Paul Lisnek Interview

Lisa Fontana, Me The People, WGN Paul Lisnek interview

by Paul Lisnek & Lisa Fontana

Jack Canfield quote It is a great recourse for our country.
Hillary Clinton request for Me The People Book by Lisa Fontana

“I appreciate the time and effort you put into this and the sentiments directed toward resolution.” Michael Smerconish (POTUS Radio/CNN)

Reuters, Me The People, Lisa Fontana thumbs up from congressional office
Donna Brazile and Lisa Fontana Author of Me The People

“Keep reaching out with your writing” Donna Brazile CNN

Jose Diaz MSNBC Quote on Me The People

“This is a good idea!” Jose Diaz

Author Lisa Fontana with Bernie Sanders Boston Globe article

Alisyn Camerota CNN- “You should be in broadcasting”