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Welcome to a world where politics are Friendly & Fun!

If you have an interest in voting, but can’t take the ‘politics’ of it all, you will enjoy this guide. Ever thought you would get more involved if only you could do it on your own terms, now you can. If you are unsure of politics, about registering to vote or how the government works, this guide will change that. What you won’t find here is the negativity and the name calling.

Instead, chuckle your way through as we talk about the tools you can use to confidently cast your vote for the next president of the United States — or choose not to, because that is your right too. And since we all have busy lives this guide was designed to be picked up and put down in between that thing we call ‘living.’


It’s Not All About The Presidential Election:

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Though it’s the election we hear about the most, the presidential election is just one of many in which we can participate.  Government and politics exist on three levels:  Local (people in a specific town, city, county, etc.), State (the state as a whole) and National (the country as a whole). 

What is Politics?  Politics is defined as the science or art of government. Lisa Fontana Heading to Capitol Hill

What is government? While most people would define ‘government’ as a body that makes and enforces laws in a society, I have found the truest definition:  Government is the way we are together.   The way we want to live, work and with whom we want to surround ourselves shapes the choices we make.  Government is a big part of that, which is why we vote and participate in the art and science of the way we are together.  That’s government and politics. 

Starting to feel nervous or overwhelmed?  Let’s fix that.  Forget voting, responsibility and patriotism for a moment.  Ignore the politically savvy and those who use harsh words about your apathy or shirking your patriotic duty.  Take a cleansing breath, put your hand on your heart and listen to me.  You deserve to feel comfy in your country.  Once you understand more about basic civics, citizenship and communication you can involve yourself in your own way on your own terms.   

What you’ll Find:

On this site, through Facebook Live, YouTube and in the book ‘Me, The People – Learn, Choose, Share‘ you will learn what you need to get started and get involved in the politics that interest YOU. We will cover terms like Mid-Terms, General Election, Polling Place, The Three Branches and so much more. You’ll also be able to Have A Political Conversation or Stop One, Without Bloodshed.


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